The Circle of Human Life

Posted: June 17, 2010 in Life

When I think about life and death I get feelings that we are just like butterfly. Butterfly start life with no wings, a warm on the earth “caterpillar”  and sure it doesn’t know that one day she will fly because she cannot see the sky or notice the other butterflies. On her third stage “PUPA” she think that she’s died and as you see in the above picture its look like a coffin but suddenly she get better life with wings flying to the sky she is in her finale stage Adult ButterFly . And that’s exactly what I think about life and death :]

Hab Beghneya Hal Yomain malat Damian Marley weld Bob marley Wentaw Tesmo3onha yabelokom weed or marijuana “J/K” :]

All I do is stay focused
Looking straight forward at the world and beyond
I feel people pulling me down
I feel some pulling me up
I can’t get stuck
I just keep moving forward
I got places to go man
Let’s go

[Damian Marley]
When the armageddon’s dark and dread
A lot of weak hearted weep and moan
Only the strong will continue
Do you have it in you?
Come, we’ve got a journey to go
And when the battle get sour and dread
A lot of weak hearted wither and moan
Only the strong will continue
I know you have it in you
I know you have it in you

[Damian Marley]
Hey, the victory’s found in truth
Like innocence found in youth
Self defeat is your own dispute
And man, you put yourself in your own shoes
Either you’re winning or losing
Don’t you get it confused
Play a star and you know your own movie
Playing of the role you choose, so
Stand up and fight if you know that you’re right
And know you will never fail
Tipping the scale and the wind shall prevail
And the boat shall forever sail
Hey, there ain’t no stopping or cruising
Even when you’re battered and bruised
Hold gun all the sprinklers on Mt. Olympus
My gat tougher than Zeus

Maly khelg akamel el bajy Double click on the song you will find the lyrics down bas 7a6ait my favorite parts :p

P.S : Don’t get drunk and drive smoke weed and fly “3ala mood leghneya :p” oh And VAMOS ARGENTINA 4-1 against Korea ! ! Inshallah yakhthoon el Kass!!  And …….. Enjoy your week End :]

  1. SG says:

    Ahh, the circle of life. Couldn’t agree more.

  2. Fiona says:

    Exactly true ;*

  3. Coconut says:

    It’s a beautiful way of looking at it. Everything in life is just a series of cycles 🙂

  4. msha3erha says:

    Nice thinking 😉
    Disgusting song ;S

  5. ba6alah says:

    SG ;]

    Coconut : yeah 🙂

    msha3erha : its not disgusting song :[

  6. D says:

    omg LOVED the song!

  7. Summer says:

    The song is amazing!! 😀

  8. ba6alah says:

    D & Summer : zain ashwa ;]

  9. eshda3wa says:

    whats makin u think abt life n death?

  10. ba6alah says:

    because it’s the secret of life not only human life :]

  11. Shaikha says:

    Its nice how you see the world
    I think you’are right We’re kinda Caterpillars turned into beautiful butterflies yet the old saying “The caterpillar does all the work but the butterfly gets all the publicity.”
    well, its also true cuz in PUPA Phase you will have rough time seeing no body yet when you fight it all wings will show up and you will be able to fly to the light where all “MShakelek” ely gbl seems Funny cuz now you will face new challenges that fit to your strong life

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