Torch Or Iphone

Posted: September 4, 2010 in Business

Hello Ladies And ladies and Ladies & Gentlemen “Omok thoma Omok Thoma Omok Thoma Abaak” 😛  I want to buy a new phone most of people now thinking about Iphone4 but when I saw Black Berry Torch I really like it so I was confused between BlackBerry & Black Iphone but the last Apples’s Event with the amazing steve made me decide to go ahead and order the New Black Berry Torch I know I know it’s sound weird but I’m gonna explain to you why :

Steve said “The iPod touch outsells Nintendo and Sony portables combined! It’s got over 50% marketshare for portable gaming worldwide. And over a billion and a half games and entertainment downloads have been made just for the iPod touch alone.”

then he said “People call it an iPhone without the phone”

Bingo! you are right! every time I ask people what the most interesting things in the Iphone they usually say “el games wallah mo sej! lazem awarek” and every time I see people who have Iphone they can’t stop their self from playing games y3ny most of their time are wasted with games they really don’t use any amazing Apps. that helps them to make their life easier or doing their Job in better way or,or,or ! And Steve Just said That! at the 1st paragraph he said Ipod touch is about games and entertainment and  after finishing his speech about games and entertainment he said people call it an Iphone without phone so it’s mean most of people who are using Iphone they are using it for playing games , I know Iphone is not about just games ! but be honest most people using it for games check your friends and yourself and any one who have Iphone ask them how many hours do you use your phone for playing games :I , I think there is a big possibility if we made a survey about this Question we would get an answer that many people are wasting their time with this device for just playing games and that’s what Steve said in that event! el nas yoom shafaw el Ipod Touch about gaming and entertainment erbe6aw 3ala 6ool weya el Iphone  wel daleel they called it An Iphone without Phone “I hope you are getting what I’m aiming at”  So do I need an Iphone for games? “No”.  Do I need a mini laptop ? “No” . If I want games I can buy DS or PSP, why do I need a mini laptop if I got a book size one? “MacBook”!? What Do I want ? I love the experience of having a normal phone with new technology , I like a Touch screen mobile but I hate using a screen keyboard and send messages through touching the screen , I like using internet to check mails , news or quick search so simply I decide that Black Berry Torch is really what I want , Torch is slower than Iphone in browsing but it’s really faster than the old one!!aslan mako moqarana o fog hatha  Le3yela el zayda mo zaina :r + be honest people like to communicate with others that’s why Nokia slogan name “Connecting people” and that’s why we have a mobile phone! to communicate with others and that’s why I like BBM because I have a big list of friends that I can get any information I want from them and checking the status even without sending a message is indirect way of keeping in touch  so mala da3y adeg 3ala wa7ed madre 3ana mn zeman 3ashan as’ela so’al mo3ayan o mn wain 6ale3 o allah yal eghbar wenta lel7en 3ayesh ….! bedam mawjod bel list we will be in touch even without messages or calls and not only BBM friends but also I can have Iphone friends with WhatsApp for blackberry but do Iphone have BBM App? :r + BlackBerry Torch price is lower than Iphone . But I really Hope Ena Ma Ey3aleg .

Info About BlackBerry Torch

P.S : Ma yakhthony ashteghel eb their company  in “Canada” after that long post ? :[

  1. Nawara says:

    no iphone does not support bbm but you would not need it since you’ve got whats app! forget the blackberry .. there so much more that an iphone can do and so many more apps than the blackberry would even be able to digest!

  2. ba6alah says:

    No i need it when I be outside the country because as far as I know about Iphone that WhatsApp doesn’t support outside contacts + I’m fine with the BBM and again about the Apps that you are talking about people use only the gaming and entertainment Apps and about other useful applications you can find it also for blackberry Like business, education , finance , maps and navigations Apps . go head and visit it’s not about how many Apps its about which Apps would really help you .

    Thanks :]

  3. Nawara says:

    I have both the blackberry and the iphone, and i have to use both simultaneously since I am always traveling. I use the Whatsapp feature even when I am abroad and I have absolutely no problems with outside contacts. Other than downloading games for my son, I only download apps that are actually of use to me and the ones you are able to get on the app store in comparison to app world are way much more authentic and useful. Maybe you should go in to a store and play around with one for a while. But then again it is totally your decision 🙂 and I guess it is already made up .. just wanted to make you better informed as I had problems with blackberry glitches 🙂

  4. Anonymous says:

    It seems like you’ve never owned an iPhone really. I mean the physical keyboard is nice, only with the iPhone you don’t even feel it. It’s just a mere touch. No clickity-noise, no nothing. It’s really really fast and accurate once you get used to it. I think touch is the way of the future. And you just never get tired of typing. The only hold back is pretty much BBM. Hopefully Apple enrolls outs an iChat app or something that’s like BBM in the future, but for now, for real-time social networking, BlackBerry is the best. Though, it does seem as if Apple is catching up (Ping, Game Center, FaceTime). Yes the iPhone and the touch are really good for gaming, but not all of those sales for the touch were from direct purchases. Apple gave out free a iPod for every purchase of a Macbook for the past year. So don’t believe everything you hear. And yes the iPod touch is like the iPhone, but without the phone. That doesn’t necessarily mean it can’t make calls. It just means that it doesn’t have mobile networking, a built-in microphone, or vibrate. It can make calls. (Hence the two cameras in the front and back for FaceTime). All in all, the iPod touch is for people who want to use it as their secondary device. Like, along with your BlackBerry. But if you just want one device, a phone with all the functionality of an iOS device, get an iPhone.     

  5. ba6alah says:

    Nawara : You didn’t understand me :/ I’m not talking about the old black berry bold , curves and storm , I’m talking about the latest one OS6 Black Berry Torch you should see this video moqarana bain Iphone4 and BB Torch for what I need Torch Beats Iphone
    if there is no Torch I would buy Iphone and about applications again I told you it’s not about numbers it’s about what help me and what not necessary all business education and others Apps that I might use provided by and with BlackBerry Torch I would really not think to go for Iphone “the Gaming Phone” that what I’ll call it after steve Speech ;p

  6. ba6alah says:

    Anonymous : why would I go for only physical keyboard when I can get a phone with TWO options physical and Real keyboard and you didn’t get my point when I said el nas erbe6aw bain Ipod touch o Iphone when steve talked about gaming and entertainment that’s mean most people use their Iphone for playing and entertainment get it? :E and that’s what made them call it it’s an Iphone without Phone . please get what I’m trying to say :[
    And see the review between Iphone4 and BlackBerry Torch for basic uses Torch beats Iphone4 and don’t talk about Apps because I explained my point of view in it :p but I think you don’t know about BB torch that much and thats why you attacked it 😛 if you were talking about old BlackBerry device I will totally agree with you but I’m talking about the new one 🙂

    Thanks for your comment :]

  7. Anonymous says:

    What I meant, in conclusion, (the part with “All in all…”) was that the iPod touch is for people who already have a phone but want the functionality of the iPhone.

    Yes the BlackBerry Torch is a great device, but with the iPhone, the apps are countless (I know what you said, I know). Anybody can just sign up as a developer and send an app to the AppStore for approval. And if you haven’t noticed, Apple’s touch screens are the best in the world, no arguing about that.

    So… BlackBerries are best for social-networking (though the iPhone is catching up) and some people just can’t move on from BlackBerry’s physical keyboards. IPhones are best when it comes to gaming, watching movies, shooting video, reading (iBooks, Retina Display), etc. All of the BlackBerry apps that are available on the iPhone (e.g. Twitter, Facebook) are almost always better when they are on the iPhone. End of discussion.

    Oh, and that also goes for the new one.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Oh, and you’re welcome. :p

  9. ba6alah says:

    Anonymous : then you didn’t read my post :/
    I said I don’t need a gaming device or a mini laptop or Apps that wont really helps me you didn’t even get my point about Ipod touch and Iphone4 :[ but anyways 7ata shakel Iphone4 chena game gear with larger screen it doesn’t look like a phone :/ and in navigation, e-mails, texting , Speed of opening Icons and battery life Torch Beats Iphone4 as you saw in the link and it’s also finger friendly exactly like Iphone4, which one is better for me? the Game Phone with Angry birds fans or Torch with technology that meet my needs ?

    Now I can End discussion hehehe Thanks for your comments :]

  10. Sumaiah says:

    I need a new Blackberry too! Give the Torch a try and let me know, please 🙂

  11. ba6alah says:

    Sumaiah : Sure ! aham shay 3endy ena ma ey3aleg , awal ma yosal ra7 ajarba 1 or 2 weeks b3dain I’ll tell you ;]

  12. A says:

    Now the new blackberry TORCH 9800 with the touch screen and a regular keypad

    will be in your hand! weekly shipment ( limited quantity ) . ( UNLOCKED ) . ( ENGLISH & ARABIC )

    contact us. 99090321

    – SMS Only please –

    OR pin: 217B6D4D

  13. ali says:

    اقل سعر حق البلاك بيري تورج بالكويت

    240 دينار
    والتسليم فوري !

  14. ba6alah says:

    ali : 7asafa law adre gabel la a6leb chan khathait mena :/ se3ra zain wallah

  15. Sumaiah says:

    Ali: I want one but not now I’m kinda broke!:p
    Are you going to order a new batch in the near future?

  16. reemas says:

    عيدكم مبارك
    و كل عام و انت بخير
    و عساكم من عواده

  17. Lulu says:

    Ga3id tshayishni, I was going to buy an iPhone but I think I’ll consider it later. :p
    Ohh and you should totally work in their company!

  18. ba6alah says:

    LuLu : I got the Torch it’s totally what I need ! I really do like it but there is a problem ena sa3at when I click to open an icon eshway ey6awel 3ala ma yestaw3eb b3dain yefta7 el bajy 3ady I think ra7 eynazlon update 7ag hal moshkela fa inshallah ma feh meshakel o tara el mobile mo 7asaas 6aa7 meny maretain bel share3 bas ashwa masar feh shay 😉

  19. msha3erha says:

    Mabrook tkasrah bel3afyah 😛
    Bs 3ad mo ta5eth ra7tek wo tgoom t6ay7ah kel shway 😛
    lol ma 9ar lah 3endek cham esboo3 wo m6ay7ah maretain!?!!! Qawi 😛

  20. ba6alah says:

    msha3erha : 3ain ma salat 3al neby :I , el moshkela ey6ee7 eb 7aza malha da3y ! ya raye7 el sayara ya nazel menha ! bas weld eflos mn chethy mo hamny :r “Eshfeeh”

  21. NetShare says:

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  22. iphone tarif says:

    sound good, but only an iphone is an iphone.

  23. Lulu says:

    hahaha mabrouk 3laik iltorch 3ayal 😀

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