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I Won 1,000,000 KD !!

Posted: October 25, 2010 in Life
I have Al-Danah Account with the Red Gulf Bank and as you know by the end of the year there is a prize for one lucky person and it’s 1,000,000 KD !!  imagine yourself that you won 1,000,000 KD in one day! what would you feel?  it’s amazing! I’m the happiest person on earth! I can’t be sad anymore!! No more waking up in the early ! no more working! no more worrying about the future.!
Well I think if you had the same feeling and the same attitude that means you ignored your plans and changed your mind in ugly way “Be careful money is a dangerous weapon” it might lead you to lose yourself and your Identity and you might be unhappy person,  , as we know “الحاجة ام الاختراع” and we know that who doesn’t have anything usually want to make something and his life is full of goals and targets that want to achieves. you might notice many rich people doesn’t know how to be truly happy they get bored if they didn’t spend their money and even If they bought everything  by the end of the day/month/year they are still not happy because they didn’t achieve anything real . You might stop exercising your mind with holding six digits amount in your account .
usual answer  “who cares! I’m a millionaire! Give it to me And I’ll be satisfied” will if you share the same answer that means you don’t deserve that money.  the problem start when you see the outside of things ignoring the inside  In my point of view this way of making money “lottery way” might kill the creativity inside you and might lead you to be unhappy person because you don’t have any serious goal to achieve .
The tricky question is : Hal el maal Ghayah wela wasela ?! many people might say wasela but when you ask them more questions you will discover that they want money in ghayah concept not wasela methel ma yede3oon! they don’t even know how much exactly do they need or want and they never stop running after money in legal or illegal way ignoring the joy of life and forgetting about humanity. Try to listen to their goals and you will discover more and more.
Money is Important but not the most Important thing .
Why did Bill Gates decide to give most of his wealth to charity “after death” ?
Why Warren Buffett did the same thing ?!
Why did Naguib Sawiris ==> Retired ?

Do Steve Jobs still in his Job to make more money ?!
I think a lot of people become so rich because they did achieve something, they didn’t focus on making money only! they used their creative minds and they had bigger goals than making money. They love it but in different way. “6ab3an hal shay ma yen6ebeq 3ala our rich people but to be honest we have few rich people who really have the same point of view”
It is really hard to avoid the ugly face of being rich and having a lot of money and that’s what scares me from winning 1,000,000 Prize without achieving something  .
You might loss the 1,000,000 KD that you won in stock market or other business but you might gain more than that number when you use your creative mind in better purpose .
P.S : I might give you all the money that you want but would you give me your beautiful mind ?
“Ba6alahSpeare” hehehe :]
Some times I feel that I’m getting old and things changed , I remember when I was kid and now I can’t imagine that I’m getting that old it’s like few days not years , My next Birthday coming next month I wish I can stop “my age clock”  but probably i can’t “ela etha ektashfaw Yanboo3 el sa3ada ely  eykhalek etred esgher :r”  but when I really think about it in serious way , I think I’m not old ! And you 2!  even if you are 40 or 50 years old and I’ll tell you a nice true story to know no matter how old are you , you have a long life .
There was an english man called Graham he was a director of one of the british universities , in 1978 he was 60 years old so he retired and left his position but in his last speech he said in front of his colleagues   ” I have a list of 20 goals that I have to achieve in next 20 years” and people smiled and laughed then he continued ” 1st I want house area of 10,000 square meters – 2nd I want airline tickets for the next 10 years for my daughters, their husbands and their kids so they can visit me three months every year and he continued until he reached the end of his goals” after one year “margaret thatcher” was the prime minister of united kingdom and she offered Mr.Graham a position “consultant of u.k education policy”  in the beginning he refused because he have 20 goals want to achieve but she approved to give him all what he need except the house she told him when you die the property gonna be back to u.k government “6ab3an wafaq” and in 1991 margret thatcher left her position and also Mr.Graham, he was 72 years old but that didn’t stop him to achieve more ! he said the next 10 years I’m gonna establish a communication center in england he said in the 21 century who control the communications will have the power . no one cared about his Idea or his plans but after couple of years England gave him an island to establish his communication center and do his plans “His Dream”.
In my opinion We Are Really Too Young To Feel This old so don’t think about your age or bother yourself with it , Enjoy your life and try hard to do all what you can to reach what you want.
P.S : Hal post yen6ebeq 3ala ely a3marhom from zero to 60 above that ana agool esh7aga 3ayesh bet3esh 3omrek o 3omor ghairek ba3ad ?!!! La J/K 🙂 , by the way eshraykom eb my new theme الحشائش الخضراء eshda3wa عقلة الاصبع :I~

I woke up early in the morning “Adre ba6aly bas enges 3ala ro7na eb cham shaghla”  Anyways I was wearing my sunglasses “akeed y3ny mathalan balbes natharat sayegna :r” elmohim I parked my car shelt my sunglasses and i got a feeling that tonight is not gonna be a good night “la J/K :]” I got a feeling that it’s really nice to enjoy the amazing true colors of life without using sunglasses because using sunglasses make you see every thing in black and white so it’s like showing you “untrue picture”

At the 1st picture you can think and guess what’s inside each glass and you might believe yourself that what you are guessing is the right , but only if you removed your sunglasses you can find the truth “2nd pic.”  you will stay with your thoughts and you might never see the truth if you didn’t remove your sunglasses. and thats how people see things, some of them don’t ever want to remove their sunglasses and others remove it because they want to see the true picture , you can take this example for everything in life, In business there is people who want to believe only what they know about being successful  , In love there is people who want to believe only what they know about true love. In trust there is people who want to believe only what they know about trust And There is people who want to believe only what they know about being good or being bad and thats only few examples about people who doesn’t want to remove their sunglasses .  you can go on and make examples for anything you could imagine .

the Question  is:

can everyone remove his sunglasses to see the true picture ? or there is some pictures that would be better if we kept our sunglasses on ?.

P.S : Adre el 3enwan e6weel  bas hatha ely 6ela3 ma3ay mn el wa7y ely nezal 3alaiy faj’ah hal 7aza :r . “Ba6alahSpeare”


Posted: July 12, 2010 in Life

Hello ladies and gentlemen its a recovery time for me from what I’ve been through 2009 – 2010 ! “Don’t worry I’m not talking about health issues” I’m talking about the big experience I had,  it was not that good and I didn’t make any real achievement yet but I’m coming stronger than I was “Ma Bankeser saber”  <=== Well I hope so :p . They say bad things make you stronger I think bad things make your eyes Stronger what I mean is looking to things in different way, see what goes behind the scenes , learning from the mistakes and finally trying to be in better place with a smiley face avoiding bad steps and do what ever it takes to reach the space . “eshraykom bel lyrics bas ? :r “

I know life is hard well that the 1st lesson I learned I thought I can make it easier but I found out ” one hand can’t clap” eshraykom bas bel tarjama el 7arfeya? Eed wa7da ma etsafeg ;]

Anyways I like the new song of Eminem new Album “Recovery” so enjoy o bala te7el6em zayed :r

Eminem last albums failed so he issued the new one explaining why did he failed, telling people that now he is clean from drugs and he’s coming back again to return his place .

The album debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200 chart, selling 741,000 copies in its first week. It became Eminem’s sixth consecutive number-one album in the United States and has produced two singles that achieved chart success, including international hits “Not Afraid” and “Love the Way You Lie“. Upon its release, Recovery received generally positive reviews from most music critics. \”Wikipedia\”

P.S : Ana mestanes 3ala el la7an a7esa sheghel el 80’s wely eyghany ma3ah did a real good job , ha eshraykom afta7ly studio ? la J/K ;] , Enjoy your lovely moments and if you can’t try to ========> Recovery

The Circle of Human Life

Posted: June 17, 2010 in Life

When I think about life and death I get feelings that we are just like butterfly. Butterfly start life with no wings, a warm on the earth “caterpillar”  and sure it doesn’t know that one day she will fly because she cannot see the sky or notice the other butterflies. On her third stage “PUPA” she think that she’s died and as you see in the above picture its look like a coffin but suddenly she get better life with wings flying to the sky she is in her finale stage Adult ButterFly . And that’s exactly what I think about life and death :]

Hab Beghneya Hal Yomain malat Damian Marley weld Bob marley Wentaw Tesmo3onha yabelokom weed or marijuana “J/K” :]

All I do is stay focused
Looking straight forward at the world and beyond
I feel people pulling me down
I feel some pulling me up
I can’t get stuck
I just keep moving forward
I got places to go man
Let’s go

[Damian Marley]
When the armageddon’s dark and dread
A lot of weak hearted weep and moan
Only the strong will continue
Do you have it in you?
Come, we’ve got a journey to go
And when the battle get sour and dread
A lot of weak hearted wither and moan
Only the strong will continue
I know you have it in you
I know you have it in you

[Damian Marley]
Hey, the victory’s found in truth
Like innocence found in youth
Self defeat is your own dispute
And man, you put yourself in your own shoes
Either you’re winning or losing
Don’t you get it confused
Play a star and you know your own movie
Playing of the role you choose, so
Stand up and fight if you know that you’re right
And know you will never fail
Tipping the scale and the wind shall prevail
And the boat shall forever sail
Hey, there ain’t no stopping or cruising
Even when you’re battered and bruised
Hold gun all the sprinklers on Mt. Olympus
My gat tougher than Zeus

Maly khelg akamel el bajy Double click on the song you will find the lyrics down bas 7a6ait my favorite parts :p

P.S : Don’t get drunk and drive smoke weed and fly “3ala mood leghneya :p” oh And VAMOS ARGENTINA 4-1 against Korea ! ! Inshallah yakhthoon el Kass!!  And …….. Enjoy your week End :]

Creating Life In Lab

Posted: May 25, 2010 in Life

I got E-mail from one of my friends about new scientists achievement :

In a development that seems likely to stir a firestorm of controversy, researchers said Thursday that they have used genes made in the lab to create a synthetic species of bacteria. “We’re here to announce the first synthetic cell,” said J. Craig Venter, head of the self-named J. Craig Venter Institute in Rockville, Md., and leader of one of the teams that decoded the human genome.He told reporters that the new species — dubbed Mycoplasma mycoides JCVI-syn1.0 — is similar to one found in nature, except that the chromosome that controls each cell was created from scratch. The research is reported in the May 20 issue of the journal Science.

For More Information

P.S : today I went to majles el oma “Jalsat Ghala’a el ma3esha” and I was wondering a7na wain ray7een? el sha3b kela yaby eflos o yaby yestefed chena mayet yoo3 mogader ey3esh ! baskom nasb o the7ek 3ala el 3oqol etha a7na wath3na methel ma etgolon 3ayal afreqya shino wath3hom Beykon?! laken En Lam Tasta7y Faf3al ma she’at wa6leb ma Tored Dona Moqabel ” rakba 3alaiy el 3arabeya el fos7a mo?” :r




Posted: May 19, 2010 in Life

Evol is not a card game but some people use it just like playing cards , Evol is something  you can’t understand it if you didn’t see it in a clear way, you can notice it but you can’t imagine how strong is it. Evol is a strange word it might harm you or make you feel happy and sometimes you couldn’t find the reason behind it, the interesting part is every one know it but few appreciate it and there is two kinds of it ==> the bad one and it’s called Evol and the good one & it’s the reversed E-v-o-l = Love, I called it evol because sometimes people use it in a wrong way like people who love hurting others or love to do bad things so that kind of people couldn’t see “love” in a clear view they couldn’t reach the true meaning of love, I think Every one have love side and evol side but we only show the love side and we keep evol hidden  inside us so evol is the reflection of the nasty part or the Evil one. Stay with love, ignore Evol because it might lead you to deadly end . Bad Boys Bad boys Watcha Gonna Do?? I think I’m Gonna use The Evol view  😛 J/K

I’ll Leave You With The Shape of My Heart

P.S : cheny gelabt 3a6efy?  el wa7y ely Nazel 3alaiy hal mara 6ela3 romancy :r