Any new/old successful products can create another business opportunity for others . If people don’t like coffee “Star bucks” wont be happy , Imagine we suddenly become vegetarians ! What will happen to McDonald’s – Burger King – Johnny .. etc.  you can see that behind any successful product there is a business opportunity .

I have small-simple-easy Idea for Cafes that will help them to increase their profits . And I mean any cafe mn Gahawy el Shesha ley Star Bucks  I did small study and I think it’s worth to share it with you  “Adre ma7ad fekom 3enda cafe 6aa7 7athkom” J/K ;]  . We used to see big game machine eb gahawy el shesha it’s look like the below picture bas eshwaya ghair .

The problem that the above machine is very big so it take space, it works with electricity  “wires on the ground” , it’s expensive “one machine = 1200 to 1400 kd” and finally it’s old fashion .

I noticed a lot of people use Ipad and enjoy their time by playing and browsing . Ipad is very cheap “moqarana bel above game machine”and it’s  full of games, it’s the latest fun device, I think people would like to enjoy the Ipad experience while drinking something or sitting in one of the cafes . I did “quick” assumption about how much can a cafe owner make just from Ipad and I think it’s worth to give it a try . double click on the below picture to see it larger :

Ipad price = 215 Kd from, in one month you will cover the cost if customers used it only 5 hours a day “1h = 1.25 kd” it’s very reasonable price for an hour with amazing latest entertainment device “Ipad”  you will increase your profit 200kd  monthly with Only one Ipad! that’s 1000 kd for five Ipads , maybe you will make less then that but I’m sure it will be around this numbers .

Anyways I made a chart for the assumptions “el ba6alah o ma etsawy :r “

Questions  :

1- Etha a7ad Eksera ??

24h eb eed e3yal ekhty and they are only 5 years old o ma ekseroh “3al aqal lel7en :r” b3dain et7e6la case o 7emaya o aslan el Ipad sa3ba yenkeser ela etha elwa7ed qased yaksera .

2- Ballah a7ad baga ??

Security problem wont be big deal tegdar et7e6la stand thabet bel 6awla or lock I’m sure you will find a way  “eshda3wa ga3den ef bangaladesh”

3- Ballah ma7ad estakhdema ! :

when you do any business you have to take the risk , and I don’t see any big risk in that Idea at least you can sell the Ipad again as used, wana ma atwaqa3 mara7 eyser 3alaih 6ag e3sy .

P.S : Behind many products you can see business opportunities and behind me you can see nothing but me”Shako! :I “


I woke up early in the morning “Adre ba6aly bas enges 3ala ro7na eb cham shaghla”  Anyways I was wearing my sunglasses “akeed y3ny mathalan balbes natharat sayegna :r” elmohim I parked my car shelt my sunglasses and i got a feeling that tonight is not gonna be a good night “la J/K :]” I got a feeling that it’s really nice to enjoy the amazing true colors of life without using sunglasses because using sunglasses make you see every thing in black and white so it’s like showing you “untrue picture”

At the 1st picture you can think and guess what’s inside each glass and you might believe yourself that what you are guessing is the right , but only if you removed your sunglasses you can find the truth “2nd pic.”  you will stay with your thoughts and you might never see the truth if you didn’t remove your sunglasses. and thats how people see things, some of them don’t ever want to remove their sunglasses and others remove it because they want to see the true picture , you can take this example for everything in life, In business there is people who want to believe only what they know about being successful  , In love there is people who want to believe only what they know about true love. In trust there is people who want to believe only what they know about trust And There is people who want to believe only what they know about being good or being bad and thats only few examples about people who doesn’t want to remove their sunglasses .  you can go on and make examples for anything you could imagine .

the Question  is:

can everyone remove his sunglasses to see the true picture ? or there is some pictures that would be better if we kept our sunglasses on ?.

P.S : Adre el 3enwan e6weel  bas hatha ely 6ela3 ma3ay mn el wa7y ely nezal 3alaiy faj’ah hal 7aza :r . “Ba6alahSpeare”

Torch Or Iphone

Posted: September 4, 2010 in Business

Hello Ladies And ladies and Ladies & Gentlemen “Omok thoma Omok Thoma Omok Thoma Abaak” 😛  I want to buy a new phone most of people now thinking about Iphone4 but when I saw Black Berry Torch I really like it so I was confused between BlackBerry & Black Iphone but the last Apples’s Event with the amazing steve made me decide to go ahead and order the New Black Berry Torch I know I know it’s sound weird but I’m gonna explain to you why :

Steve said “The iPod touch outsells Nintendo and Sony portables combined! It’s got over 50% marketshare for portable gaming worldwide. And over a billion and a half games and entertainment downloads have been made just for the iPod touch alone.”

then he said “People call it an iPhone without the phone”

Bingo! you are right! every time I ask people what the most interesting things in the Iphone they usually say “el games wallah mo sej! lazem awarek” and every time I see people who have Iphone they can’t stop their self from playing games y3ny most of their time are wasted with games they really don’t use any amazing Apps. that helps them to make their life easier or doing their Job in better way or,or,or ! And Steve Just said That! at the 1st paragraph he said Ipod touch is about games and entertainment and  after finishing his speech about games and entertainment he said people call it an Iphone without phone so it’s mean most of people who are using Iphone they are using it for playing games , I know Iphone is not about just games ! but be honest most people using it for games check your friends and yourself and any one who have Iphone ask them how many hours do you use your phone for playing games :I , I think there is a big possibility if we made a survey about this Question we would get an answer that many people are wasting their time with this device for just playing games and that’s what Steve said in that event! el nas yoom shafaw el Ipod Touch about gaming and entertainment erbe6aw 3ala 6ool weya el Iphone  wel daleel they called it An Iphone without Phone “I hope you are getting what I’m aiming at”  So do I need an Iphone for games? “No”.  Do I need a mini laptop ? “No” . If I want games I can buy DS or PSP, why do I need a mini laptop if I got a book size one? “MacBook”!? What Do I want ? I love the experience of having a normal phone with new technology , I like a Touch screen mobile but I hate using a screen keyboard and send messages through touching the screen , I like using internet to check mails , news or quick search so simply I decide that Black Berry Torch is really what I want , Torch is slower than Iphone in browsing but it’s really faster than the old one!!aslan mako moqarana o fog hatha  Le3yela el zayda mo zaina :r + be honest people like to communicate with others that’s why Nokia slogan name “Connecting people” and that’s why we have a mobile phone! to communicate with others and that’s why I like BBM because I have a big list of friends that I can get any information I want from them and checking the status even without sending a message is indirect way of keeping in touch  so mala da3y adeg 3ala wa7ed madre 3ana mn zeman 3ashan as’ela so’al mo3ayan o mn wain 6ale3 o allah yal eghbar wenta lel7en 3ayesh ….! bedam mawjod bel list we will be in touch even without messages or calls and not only BBM friends but also I can have Iphone friends with WhatsApp for blackberry but do Iphone have BBM App? :r + BlackBerry Torch price is lower than Iphone . But I really Hope Ena Ma Ey3aleg .

Info About BlackBerry Torch

P.S : Ma yakhthony ashteghel eb their company  in “Canada” after that long post ? :[

هل كل محمد رسول؟

Posted: August 4, 2010 in Politics

في ذكرى الغزو العراقي لدولة الكويت ما الذي تعلمناه من دروس؟  هو كابوس عاشتها العروس من شخص فرض على اهلها ان يكون هو العريس واغتصبها بلا زواج في منظر ادهش الجلوس . هكذا عانت الكويت وهكذا دمرت و طغت بعض النفوس .

و الآن بعد هذه التجربه المريره يصر الأهل على  قتل ما تبقى من جمال هذه العروس , فالكل أصبح رسولا و وصيا عليها فانقسم الشارع بين محمد هايف و محمد المهري و اصبح كل محمد رسول , بل أصر البعض ان يمثلون الصحابه فظهر لدينا جمعان الصديق و وليد الخطاب وفيصل ابن الوليد وعدنان بن ابي طالب! أما آن الأوان لندع الدين لله و الوطن للجميع؟  فبعد ان خصص الأمير الراحل الشيخ جابر الصباح رحمه الله لكل محافظه ارض يبنى عليها مسرح سرعان ما اختفت الاراضي و حلت مكانها اقتراح بانشاء مراكز لمكافحة الظواهر السلبية لكل محافظه و كأنهم يقولون للأب و الأم اتركو عنكم مهنة التربية فنحن اجدر بها منكم و للأسف سرعان ما تنطلي خدعة الدين و التدين على الناس و يقضون البصر عن السرقات والانتهاكات التي تتم باسم الدين فأصبح الدين اسرع وسيله لأستغفال الناس و جني الثروات

اليس كلما زادت الجرعة الدينية يزيد معها التمسك بالطائفة و الاحتقان بين المذاهب؟ الم تصبح اثارة الطائفية و القبلية هي اسهل طريقه للنجاح و الوصول للمجلس؟ اي وحدة وطنية نتكلم عنها و اكثر من يدافع عنها يطعنها من الخلف , المسأله ليست متعلقه في انا الصح و انتم الخطأ بل من الصحي ان نختلف و تتعدد وجهات النظر فنحن في النهاية بشر مخيرين لسنا قطيع ننساق دون تفكير لكن لا تقحمون الدولة و مؤسساتها في الدين فقد تقضون عليها تحت هذا الشعار المتين ,لا اريد ان اعدد الدول التي ازدهرت و تطورت و تقدمت دون التشدد في هذه الامور لكنني اريد منكم دوله واحده فقط تشددت في التعصب الديني و تنافس بقية الدول الآن في الازدهار . اما حان الوقت لفصل الدين عن الدولة و احترام بقية الاديان و الطوائف و الملل ام سيظل كل محمد رسولا والعروس بلا عريس و الاهل يتقاتلون و ننسى ما تعلمناه من دروس منتظرين كابوس جديد ليذكرنا بما يسمى الوطن فوق الجميع


P.S : Adre Geragt 3alaikom wayed bas 7asait enkom walhanen 3alaiy mn chethy estarsalt bel 7achy , “7elwa estarsalt mo?” anyways ana el keyboard maly “Kafer” mafeh 3araby bas a7rof engelezeyah 😛 mn chethy momken et7aslon ba3th el akh6a’a al emla’eyah le’any ga3ed a3any wana akteb Wa Shokran :r .

Enjoy your Week End :]


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Hello all :p

I have “mini” Survey 3ala mood habat el mini burgers o mini cup cakes o mini-mE :r  “Only 6 Questions” about healthy drinks and it’s for who live in kuwait “Yomna3 el mozdawejen” J/K :r]  , So Enjoy it o 3an el te7el6em el zayed “Click on the below Link”


O b3dain so’aal ! Eshda3wa ma7ad se’al 3any long time didn’t write anything wallah ma fekom khair! La J/K , I’m coming inshallah with new subjects to talk about  , bale3 two Panadol Night 3ashan waray ga3da bacher el seb7 :r

Hab beleghneya hathy hal yomain :r

P.S : Don’t Forget The Survey Please ! .. eeh a7aseb ba3ad :r


Posted: July 12, 2010 in Life

Hello ladies and gentlemen its a recovery time for me from what I’ve been through 2009 – 2010 ! “Don’t worry I’m not talking about health issues” I’m talking about the big experience I had,  it was not that good and I didn’t make any real achievement yet but I’m coming stronger than I was “Ma Bankeser saber”  <=== Well I hope so :p . They say bad things make you stronger I think bad things make your eyes Stronger what I mean is looking to things in different way, see what goes behind the scenes , learning from the mistakes and finally trying to be in better place with a smiley face avoiding bad steps and do what ever it takes to reach the space . “eshraykom bel lyrics bas ? :r “

I know life is hard well that the 1st lesson I learned I thought I can make it easier but I found out ” one hand can’t clap” eshraykom bas bel tarjama el 7arfeya? Eed wa7da ma etsafeg ;]

Anyways I like the new song of Eminem new Album “Recovery” so enjoy o bala te7el6em zayed :r

Eminem last albums failed so he issued the new one explaining why did he failed, telling people that now he is clean from drugs and he’s coming back again to return his place .

The album debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200 chart, selling 741,000 copies in its first week. It became Eminem’s sixth consecutive number-one album in the United States and has produced two singles that achieved chart success, including international hits “Not Afraid” and “Love the Way You Lie“. Upon its release, Recovery received generally positive reviews from most music critics. \”Wikipedia\”

P.S : Ana mestanes 3ala el la7an a7esa sheghel el 80’s wely eyghany ma3ah did a real good job , ha eshraykom afta7ly studio ? la J/K ;] , Enjoy your lovely moments and if you can’t try to ========> Recovery

هو ليس فقط خالد الفضاله بل محمد الجاسم و مسلم البراك و من يساندهم يتحدون القانون بالصوت العالي , الغريب انهم لا يتقبلون الاساءه من احد لكنهم يقبلونها على الاخرين!! بالأمس محمد الجاسم و اليوم خالد الفضاله لما تلومون رئيس مجلس الوزراء اذا رفع عليكم القضايا وتصرون بنفس الوقت على الاساءه اليه ؟؟ لكن حقا ان لم تستحي ففعل ما تريد!! يطالبون بحرية الرأي لكن اياك ان يكون الرأي الاخر فهم يريدون ان تكون الحريه مقصوره عليهم فقط !

وينكم يوم محمد جويهل اقتادوه من الطياره الى أمن الدوله دون صدور اي امر قضائي على العلم ان محمد الجاسم و خالد الفضاله تكفل بهم القضاء! بغض النظر عن تصرف محمد الجويهل المشين لكن كان من الأجدر ان تستنكرون عملية اعتقاله بدون اصدار اي حكم قضائي اتجاهه ولا عشان هو خصمكم سكتم ولم تتكلمو عن باب حرية الرأي الضيق الذي تنظرون اليه بمزاجيه  ؟؟ ليش مسلم البراك يلوم ناصر المحمد و يستنكر رفعه للقضايا على من اساء اليه و بنفس الوقت مسلم البراك يحتفل بمجلس الأمه لأنه كسب قضيه قد رفعها بالسابق على احد كتاب جريدة الوطن لأنه اساء اليه \” اضغط هنا \”؟! حلال عليك و حرام على رئيس مجلس الوزراء ؟؟ و لا بس ناصر المحمد الشخصيه العامه التي من الطبيعي ان تنتقد و انت مو شخصيه عامه؟؟ وينك يا خالد الفضاله يوم قلت انا احتمي بالدستور؟؟ الدستور تكلم عن  السلطه القضائيه و بعد ان صدر الحكم القضائي احسست بالظلم و لم يعجبك كلام القضاء الذي هو الفيصل بين الأمور بموجب القانون الذي نص عليه الدستور . يتحدثون عن الحريه و هم اول من يطالبون بتكميم افواه الاعلام ! اليس هم من طالبو باغلاق بعض القنوات الاعلاميه التي لا تتماشى مع هواهم؟ اليس هم من اطلقو على كل من يعارضهم بالاعلام الفاسد ؟ فأين حرية الرأى يا من تتكلمون عن حرية الرأي المكفوله

بسكم ضحك على الشعب الكويتي وتحريف الصوره الحقيقيه لتحقيق المكاسب الانتخابيه و ارضاء غروركم و كبريائكم على حساب الاخرين !! ارجو من الشعب الكويتي ان يعي هذه الأمور و يفكر بحياديه لأن مسلم و خالد ومحمد قد اخذتهم العزة بالاثم. سؤال بسيط : هل ترضى ان يقال بحقك و حق امك او ابيك انهم مرتشين و يقومون بسرقة المال العام و يغسلون الاموال؟

انا لست مع طرف ضد الاخر قد يكون اخطأ الشيخ ناصر المحمد في بعض الامور لكن هذا لا يعني ان كل ما يقوم به خطأ و قد يكون مسلم البراك  صحح بعض الامور لكن هذا لا يعني ان كل ما يقوم به صحيح


وبعدين دام  ما عندك مستند و لا دليل ليش تلوم الريال على رفع القضية عليك بسبب التهم و التجريح اللي مارسته بحقه ؟ ولو كان عندك الدليل ليش ما قاضيته بتهمة سرقة اموال البلد ؟ و لك الحق بذلك بصفتك احد مواطنين هذا البلد الذين تضررو من سرقة المال العام على قولتك ! و فوق كل هذا شكلك نسيت ان المتهم برئ حتى تثبت ادانته  مو هذا القانون اللي نص عليه الدستور يا خالد الفضاله؟؟

P.S : el 7abeeb mo 3aref el farg bain ghaseel el amwal o sareqat el amwal!!  ohwa yetehem el sheikh naser ena baag mn amwal el dawla eb 6oroq tala3ab feha 3ala el qanon laken mashallah 3alaih esloob o mota7adeth fa shad 7aila o gaal ghaseel amwal wely warah eysafgoon ma yadron shel salfa ;]

Have A nice Week End o Inshallah Brazil will lose against holland And Vamos Argentina